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DokuFest announced the theme for the 21st edition of the festival

Jul 27, 2022

DokuFest today announced the theme for the 21st edition of the festival. DokuFest’s thematic take for this edition is “How to Survive…?”, which centers around the notion of survival and which for the first time comes in the form of a question.

How to survive heat, flood, violence, inflation, wars, fascism, and ultimately extinction… are only some of the questions that will be posed.

Through extensive talks and debates with guests, thinkers and experts, the festival will try to seek answers to these existential questions, at a time when
surviving in a troubled world has become imperative to all of us. A planet that is changing in profound, terrifying, and visible ways now, and if no action is taken, will soon be a dying one.

A number of films from the program touches upon the theme of surviving directly or indirectly and we are excited to find ways of bringing our audience into the conversation.




Mental Fitness: Practical Steps for Resilience

Mental Fitness: Practical Steps for Resilience

Working in potentially traumatic situations is a routine reality for many journalists in the Western Balkans. You don’t have to be in an active war zone to find yourself interviewing vulnerable contributors or in threatening situations where physical violence is a possibility.