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“Stories make us and break us” – Annea Hapciu

Maj 10, 2019

Annea, Innovation Advisor at KosovaLive, has been featured on “Reclamation”, a project highlighting the voices of 99 women across Kosovo.

About Reclamation

Sharing and receiving stories of personal experience enables us to process pain, empathize with others and better understand the society in which we live. But when only a limited narrative is attached to people or place, storytelling becomes a dangerous tool that can reinforce stereotypes, breed misconception, and systematically disempower targeted groups of people.

Throughout history, the stories and experiences of women have been actively suppressed as a result of shame, stigma and fear cultivated by patriarchal structures under which gender-inequalities persist.20 years after the end of the war, women in Kosovo are reclaiming their narratives as leaders, innovators, educators, athletes, artists, activists, game-changers, storytellers.

‘Reclamation’ is an interactive portrait series that highlights the voices of 99 women from different generational and ethnic backgrounds, working across various sectors for justice, equality and truth.

Check out the rest of the voices and stories here:




Re-Establishment of the SDG Council in the Assembly of Kosovo

Re-Establishment of the SDG Council in the Assembly of Kosovo

Assembly of Kosovo, under the guidance of the Speaker of the House, has committed to re-initiate the establishment of the SDG Council in a ceremony which will emphasize the importance that all countries give to Agenda 2030, and that despite the setback from COVID-19, we should not lose sight of the Sustainable development Goals.