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Annea Hapçiu is honored from the New York state

Jun 19, 2017

Annea Hapciu, founder of the all girls educational and professional bureau at KosovaLive is honored from the New York state for her contributions to gender equality, education and artistic projects.

Annea was one of the honorees at the “Kosova on the World Stage” event, organized from the Kosovo American Education Fund (KAEF) in New York.Among the honored were Lorik Cana, renown Kosovar football player, Congressmen Elliot Engle, a dedicated supporter of Kosovo’s independence, and Granit Gjonbalaj, a successful businessman from Kosovo.

“Kosova on the World Stage” gathered around 140 Albanians from Kosovo and Albania and friends of Kosovo in New York to support the education of youth from Kosovo in the U.S.




Treating severe illnesses without medication

Treating severe illnesses without medication

Shemsedin Sadiku, director of the hematology department at the University Clinical Center of Kosovo, says that 50 doses of this medication are needed for a surgery. The average number of surgeries per year is around ten.