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“CircMedia for EarthDay” Event

Apr 26, 2019

At KosovaLive spaces for the World Earth Day an event was held, we had Nikki Murseli from DYVO shop and Mimoza Istrefi from the GAIA Organization, who spoke about the importance of environmental protection, recycling, product life extension and the circular economy. 

 KosovaLive encourages all institutions, organizations, businesses and citizens to engage more for the benefit of the environment by reusing products by buying locally, creating businesses in harmony with nature and planting trees and cultivating gardens and orchards. 




The second training with the participants of the “Womedia” project

The second training with the participants of the “Womedia” project

In this training, Annea Hapciu, innovation advisor at KosovaLive, taught them a few ways on how they can write articles in a correct and professional way. Also, Renea Begolli, video-producer at KosovaLive, taught them how to use the camera and some filming tricks to take more attractive shots for their videos.