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Crisis in Journalism U.S. & Kosovo: What we have in common

Apr 29, 2019

Limited Space: PLEASE RSVP at [email protected]

We cordially invite you to an event with Richard Campbell, award winning author, producer, educator, and founding member of KosovaLive’s and Miami University’s exchange and internship program. Mr. Campbell will be speaking about the shared Crisis in Journalism, between U.S. and Kosovo, as well as about the Report for Ohio: Covering the Uncovered initiative.

When: 5, June 2019
Where: KosovaLive (Pallati I Shtypit, Media Aneksi II, Prishtina, Kosova)
Time: 12:00-13:30 PM
Language: English

Please RSVP at [email protected] by Monday, the 3rd of June, 2019.

About Richard Campbell:

Richard Campbell is founding chair of Media, Journalism & Film at Miami University, in Oxford Ohio. He has taught at Miami for 15 years. He is is the author of several books on news and media, including 60 Minutes and the News: A Mythology for Middle America. For Bedford/ St.Martin’s Press, he is the lead author of Media & Culture: Mass Communication in a Digital Age, the nation’s most widely used media survey textbook, now in its 12th edition. In 2013, with John Bailer, he co-created “Stats+Stories,” now listed on NPR’s podcast directory and co-sponsored by the American Statistical Association. Campbell is the founder of “Report for Ohio,” a regional and statewide initiative to better report on under-covered areas in rural and urban communities.

He is also the executive producer of Training for Freedom: How Ordinary People in an Unusual Time & Unlikely Place Made Extraordinary History, a 2019 documentary on Oxford’s role in the historic events of Freedom Summer in 1964. ThinkTV in Dayton and CET in Cincinnati will premiere the documentary this summer — the 55th anniversary of Freedom Summer. Campbell received his Ph.D. in Radio-TV-Film from Northwestern University.

A former high school English teacher and coach in the Milwaukee Public School system, Campbell grew up in Dayton, where in 2015 he served on the planning committee for the 20th anniversary of Dayton Peace Accords. In 2019, Campbell received the Harrison Medallion Award “For Outstanding Contribution to the Education of the Nation.”

Richard was one of the founding members of KosovaLive’s and Miami University’s study abroad and internship program in 2008. He is currently located at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio.





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