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“Critical Media Literacy” with Teachers and Educators

May 28, 2019

According to Joyce Meyer, teachers can change lives, with just the right amount of chalk and challenge.

For this reason we are equipping teachers with a methodology through which they can challenge their students to identify, manage, report and eliminate fake news. Through the methodology, teachers can help students to protect themselves from fake news and its impact, by evaluating their truthfulness, the manner of reporting and the validity of the facts presented.




The second training with the participants of the “Womedia” project

The second training with the participants of the “Womedia” project

In this training, Annea Hapciu, innovation advisor at KosovaLive, taught them a few ways on how they can write articles in a correct and professional way. Also, Renea Begolli, video-producer at KosovaLive, taught them how to use the camera and some filming tricks to take more attractive shots for their videos.