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GlobalGirl Media Kosova at the World Bank’s Conference

May 28, 2019

At the World Bank Kosovo`s Youth Employment Conference, Liridona Berisha presented the successes of the Educational Bureau GlobalGirl Media Kosova, and talked more about the shared internship opportunities at the bureau. She talked about the skills and the experience she gained within the bureau and about the general work of the bureau.

The aim of this conference was to discuss the initiatives and the research that has been done recently by a large number of stakeholders, that could help in setting priorities for the next policies and initiatives in increasing the employment of the youth in Kosovo.

The panellists discussed the ways of improving the cooperation between universities and businesses to include students in practical work, the challenges that were encountered and the success that was achieved in this field.




Design Thinking – workshop

Design Thinking – workshop

How can we be better informed about what people want and need? How can we create products and services that are feasible, viable and desirable?