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“Womedia” – Meeting with the participants for the month of July

Jul 12, 2019

Ten girls and young women from different regions of Kosova will do their one month professional development at KosovaLive within the Womedia project. 

They held a meeting where they discussed about the tasks that they will do during the project, and also about the different topics that they are going to treat in their articles and videos.




Call for applications for “Mediatnik”

Call for applications for “Mediatnik”

KosovaLive is looking for 10 journalism students (5 boys and 5 girls) to attend the training on in-depth research. After the training, during their five-month professional development at KosovaLive within the project, they will conduct in-depth research on the topic of freedom of expression in media.


Call for experts

Call for experts

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