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Cirkonomia: Circular Economy Conference in Kosovo

Sep 25, 2019

On Wednesday, the 25th of September, from 10:00-14:00 KosovaLive hosted the first national circular economy conference in Kosovo, Cirkonomia.

The aim of this conference is to inform and raise awareness about the concept of circular economy, and the collective and individual responsibility that we have to spur its development.

The conference gathered representatives from civil society in Kosovo and the region, academia, private sector representatives and students.

National level speakers that joined us were:

Valdrin Lluka (ministër në detyrë i Zhvillimit Ekonomik në Kosovë)

Mimoza Kusari Lila (deputete në kuvendin e Kosovës, ish-ministre e Tregtisë dhe Industrisë dhe ish-kryetare e komunës së Gjakovës)

Microeconomic level:

Visar Ramajli (ndërmarrës i shumëfishtë dhe bashkëpronar i kompanisë KIVO),

Regional level:

Kushtrim Kaloshi (drejtor ekzekutiv i Advocacy Training and Resource Center – ATRC),
Dusko Hristov (president dhe CEO, Balkan Bridges, Env.Net partner per Maqedoni)

Microeconomic and Non-profit level:

Astrit Panxha (drejtor ekzekutiv i Klubit të Prodhuesve të Kosovës),
Nora Latifi Jashari (drejtoreshë ekzekutive e Institutit GAP),
Driton Bajraktari (drejtor ekzekutiv i Kosova Social Enterprise Foundation),

Discussion topics related to:

What are institutions on the national and local level doing to stimulate the circular economy in Kosovo?

What is happening in the region regarding the development of circular economy?

What is the role of organizations, associations, businesses, and academia in stimulating circular economy?

Annea Hapciu, innovation advisor at KosovaLive, presented findings from the study highlighting the general knowledge and perceptions of people in Kosovo, relating to circular economy.

For more photos from this event, visit the album on our facebook page, in this link:




Students` crossroad: Studies are expensive and there are no available jobs

Students` crossroad: Studies are expensive and there are no available jobs

Initially, it is very difficult for students in Kosovo to find a part-time job, but even if one gets a job, the salaries are insufficient to handle monthly expenses. There are cases when you can go to lectures from the job, but on the other hand, I had to coordinate things. I decided to attend lectures one week and work the next week, otherwise I would lose my job or I wouldn`t get paid enough to handle my monthly expenses,” she says.