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Media Law Training

Oct 15, 2020

Call for Applications!

What is this workshop: a two day training workshop on the legal landscape for journalists and media, covering both Kosovo law and law and principles drawn from the jurisprudence of the European Court of Human Rights

Who is it for: lawyers, journalists, media professionals, regulators and other interested professionals who would like to specialize in media law

Why are we holding it: to obtain the latest and most up to date knowledge in a fast-developing area of law with major implications for media freedom and democracy

How will it be facilitated: this will be a hands-on workshop, lectured by Peter Noorlander, a human rights and media law and policy lawyer and Florent Spahija, a media law advisor.

When will it happen: 26 & 27 of October 2020 (from 9:30-16:00)

Where will it take place: KosovaLive (Pallati i Shtypit, Media Aneksi II, Prishtina, Kosovo)

Open spots: 10 spots

The workshop will be held in Albanian and English. There will also be simultaneous translation in Serbian.

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