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€7m EU project on reforming Kosovo justice system

Jan 22, 2021

The Head of the EU Office in Kosovo/EU Special Representative, Ambassador Tomáš Szunyog, together with Kosovo Minister of Justice, the Chairs of the Judicial and Prosecutorial Councils as well as the Director of the Justice Academy, will launch the European Union/Kosovo Justice Sector Programme. The project will be implemented until January 2024 and has a budget of 7 million Euros.

The EU/Kosovo Justice Sector Programme aims at reforming the Kosovo justice system in line with European and international standards. It will assist institutions in the consolidation of the legal and institutional framework, strengthen the independence, impartiality, accountability, and transparency of the judiciary and also improve access to justice for every citizen, especially for women and disadvantaged or marginalised groups.




Womedia Training at KosovaLive

Womedia Training at KosovaLive

The pictures were taken from the “Womedia” training from 22th to 25th of January, and in 28th of January, each day with a different group. “Womedia” training was divided into five groups, four of them were held in Albanian by Annea Hapciu as a Mentor, and Renea Begolli describing the camera. The fifth group was trained by Petar Đorđević in Serbian language .


WHO calls on governments to invest in nurses for a healthy Europe

WHO calls on governments to invest in nurses for a healthy Europe

The COVID-19 pandemic underscores the urgent need to strengthen the global health workforce. A new report, The state of the world’s nursing 2020, released on the occasion of World Health Day, provides an in-depth look at the largest component of the health workforce.