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The Story of KosovaLive: a 20 year monograph

Feb 1, 2021

Our dearest readers, friends and supporters,

On the occasion of #KosovaLive’s 20th anniversary, we are happy to share with you our latest updates:

  • We have launched a hybrid website, a news portal and media organization site, all in one. You can now find all major information and news in Albanian and English, links to our publications/books/manuals, grant, awards and professional development opportunities here:
  • Since we couldn’t have a party, we invite you to a virtual trip over the years. You can glance at our 20 year monograph, which highlights all of KosovaLive’s history, achievements, activities and people from all around the world that have contributed to using media as a means of education, from the very heart of our lovely Prishtina. (See it here:…/2021/02/TheStoryofKosovaLive-.pdf)
  • To keep up with the latest media trends, these last several years, we have been working on a makeover. Preserving our soul, which believes on the importance of independent, credible and unbiased news, we have adapted our formal name to reflect all of our work: “Foundation for Information, Media, Dialogue and Education KosovaLive (KosovaLive/KIMDE)”. Still the same KosovaLive, just an updated look.
  • And our statute, to encompass all the work we have been doing and will continue:
    • To provide unbiased and quality information to the public
    • Use media as a means of dialogue, education and equality
    • Stimulate innovation in the media and creative industry
  • Moving forward, we will continue to work heavily in the following activities: Communication, Education/Training, Gender Equality, Information Technology and other ways we can support the development of society.

Please continue to read our only official webpage:

Please send press releases in Albanian and English only to

Kosovalive publishes only press releases from official institutions and longform pieces produced by journalists or interns that undergo rigorous editing. KosovaLive does not publish opinion pieces or columns.

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