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EU funded project supports Kosovo towards clean and affordable energy supply

Apr 22, 2021

Today, the closing ceremony of the EU-funded project “Rehabilitation of the District Heating network in Pristina” was held to mark the completion of works and to present the project achievements. The event took place in the Kosovo Philharmonic building, which is one of many beneficiaries that were connected to the district heating network during the last heating season. 

The EU funded project supports Pristina District Heating company Termokos on expansion and rehabilitation of its energy distribution network

During his address, Ambassador Tomáš Szunyog, emphasised the importance of the project in improving the heating supply for Pristina citizens. “The modernisation of the Termokos heating systems and the replacement of coal and wood burning substantially contribute to improving the living conditions for the citizens of Pristina and has a significant environmental impact.”

Ambassador Szunyog also pointed out that the EU will continue its engagement with a focus on a cleaner and more reliable energy supply in Kosovo through other projects. 

The overall value of the ‘Rehabilitation of the District Heating network in Pristina’ project is EUR 6 million and is implemented under the IPA 2015 annual programme. The following are the main results of the project:   

  • Design and rehabilitation of 104 existing substations which includes replacement of the old heating substations with new preassembled substations with high energy efficiency performance; 
  • Replacement of around 6 km of old pipelines with new pre insulated pipes and extension of network with around 9km of new pipelines, in total 15 km of pipelines; 
  • Extension of the network with 70 substations to new customers – over 10,000 citizens.
  • The new customers connected to Termokos are residential customers in Kalabria, Mati, Sunny Hill suburbs, then public buildings such as kindergardens, schools, the National Theatre and the Philharmonic of Kosovo, the faculty of architecture, health buildings, etc.

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Newborn reclaimed with mixed reactions

Newborn reclaimed with mixed reactions

Ismaili first started changing Newborn’s theme in 2013. Previously, the government would not permit Ismaili to repaint it. Overlapping signatures and graffiti buried the faded monument before the government updated it on the 2013 anniversary.