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Kosovo and EU held the sixth SAA Sub-committee on Energy, Environment, Climate, Regional Development and Transport

Mar 16, 2022

Officials from Kosovo and the European Commission held discussions about developments over the past year in the areas of energy, environment, climate, transport and regional development. The discussion was held in the framework of the Stabilisation and Association Agreement (SAA) which entered into force in April 2016. The reform topics covered by this meeting are directly relevant for the Kosovo economy as well as the well-being of citizens. 

It was agreed that strategies, action plans and legislation should be assessed to ensure coherence with the principles and priorities of the EU priority Green Deal initiative and the Green Agenda for the Western Balkans, and to ensure coherence between relevant documents in each sector.   

As regards energy, the Commission welcomed steps taken to improve energy efficiency, including the implementation of the Energy Efficiency Fund, and called for further efforts to improve energy efficiency measures for private households. The Commission also invited Kosovo to finalise and adopt the Energy Strategy 2022-2031, which will be key for providing the basis for decarbonisation while maintaining energy security and ensuring affordable supply, while increasing development of alternative energy sources. It also called for a number of pending laws and other reforms to be approved as soon as possible.  

On the environment, the Commission expressed concern at limited progress in this area which is of great importance to Kosovo citizens and the quality of their health and lives. In particular, the Commission inquired about progress on real time air quality monitoring and asked for implementation of immediate measures to reduce the levels of air pollution. 

As concerns climate action, Kosovo has adopted the Strategy and Action Plan on Climate Change, but needs to begin its implementation, as well as making progress on a National Environment and Climate Plan.

The latest legislative and policy developments in the area of transport were also discussed. The Commission welcomed the proactive participation of Kosovo in the Transport Community. The Commission invited Kosovo to continue work linked to road safety, in the interest of citizens. Both sides agreed on the need to continue reforms, including strengthening the independence and capacities of regulatory institutions in the transport sector. 

Finally, on regional development, the Commission welcomed the adoption of the regional development strategy and called for the adoption of the regional development action plan.