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MIA: Happy Online is a new public campaign for safety of the children 

Oct 12, 2022

The Government of Kosovo and its partners are today launching a new campaign called Happy Online, for keeping children safe online.

During the last years, the Government of the Republic of Kosovo has made many interventions with civil society partners to improve media education and children’s safety online. This new approach {happy online} will work with parents in order to make sure they are aware of what they can do to keep their children safe on digital platforms.

Parents should be more aware of the risks posed by the Internet from violence, pornography, suicide and radicalization, and extremism. This campaign answers their questions and concerns about how to protect their children online.

“The Internet is a magical window for children who want to go beyond the everyday life. Talk to your children, educate them and watch over the content that children share with others in public. Keep them safe and away from bullying by potential bullies, extremism and any other form that endangers the well-being and safety of your children. Thus, by taking an active role in your children’s online activities, you make sure that they benefit from these activities and explore a new freedom without exposing themselves to potential risks”, Xelal Sveçla, Minister of MIA)

Through this campaign, the Ministry of Internal Affairs will add another form of protection for young people against the use of the Internet for radicalization, corruption and other harms. 

This campaign will inform and teach parents about what to worry about and how to keep their children safe by having conversations, knowing about safety parameters and treating them in a fair and safe approach. For any advice and safety of children online, follow the Happy Online campaign channels on social media.