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Echo-Girl Storytellers

May 18, 2018

During the 3-day workshop (16,17 and 18 January), Kosovalive along with the participants discussed topics that relate to the importance of storytelling about the environmental degradation in Kosovo, the impact of global warming on the poor and the rich, and the impact of water misuse on children’s lives.

Through the “Eko-Girls Storytellers” training girls from different fields have learned how to write a report, how to contact sources, what measures should be taken when interviewing experts of various issues, how to use cameras and how to edit video and audio as well as the final stage of publication.

One group of five girls (Merita Azemi, Eglantina Shala, Drita F. Berisha, Albijana Gashi and Jetmire Gashi) produced photo stories related to environmental problems in Kosovo, such as waste, pollution, rivers and many others.

A group monitored by Njomza Berisha produced a video story about Asbestos as an unconscious poison, while another group monitored by Fjolla Hajrizaj produced a video story about “Nostalgia for the Rivers of Pristina.”

In the end, participants of the Echi-Girls Storytellers Workshop were provided with certificates and videos and their pictures were posted on KosovaLive’s site.

Part of this program is subsidized by the Municipality of Prishtina.

These are some of the pictures produced by our Echo-Girls Storytellers!

Merit Azemi

Trash is a major problem in Pristina which has affected air pollution.
This is due to the lack of information the residents have, the failure to penalize residents that do not separate the waste, and waste disposal being mixed after being taken out of the garbage cans.
Currently our country has a very big problem with the pollution as a consequence of mainly plastic waste but also hazardous waste such as hospital waste and poison from expired medicine.

Eglantina Shala
Poverty and Pollution
Merit Azemi

Air pollution is the biggest health and environment problem in almost all big cities. Air pollution is worse than we think!
This year, The World Health Organization regarded air pollution as the only biggest health risk in the world for health and the environment.
Llugar Village, 23.01.2018

Drita F. Berisha – The burning of crop residue

By burning crop residue and dry grass, massive fires can explode and fires spread through houses or forests. This is a risk that can cause major damage whether they are of economic nature, endangering citizens’ lives and the environment. It does not help the crops, it only degrades them and for that, the farmers have to be aware.

Eglantina Shala

This photo has been taken in Gjakova, where the burning of rubber tires can be seen, an area surrounded by garbage, houses close by, which makes living in this area all the more dangerous. The law for protection of the air strictly prohibits rubber burning. Each person who does such a thing can be legally penalized. Dioxins and other oxides released from the burning of tires and other substances cause serious health problems such as respiratory tract damage, lung cancer, damage the skin, causing many other health problems.

Albijana Gashi
The boy and the river
Jetmire Gashi
Such a twilight..!
Albijana Gashi
Merita Azemi

According to the 2012 Environmental Agency report in Kosovo, the entire country produced 334 kilograms of waste per person per year. The average for the European Union for that year was 492 kilograms per person. Waste collection in European Union countries covers 97 percent of the population compared to about 41 percent in Kosovo.