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Innovative Design Thinking Workshop Held with OSCE

Jul 1, 2018

During an intensive two-day workshop, held by KosovaLive, local and international OSCE representatives from five regional offices in Kosova have been introduced to the Design Thinking Methodology.

An innovative, human centered approach, design thinking is a creative, problem solving technique. Broadly used for product and process design, it is increasingly being used for solving pressing societal issues by the nonprofit world and by governments.

Participants were introduced to the five-step process of empathy, define, ideate, prototyping, and testing. After generating some ideas, they continued in the iteration process, where participants selected the most promising ideas and redesigned them to increase their effectiveness and ability to be implemented.

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UNDP: Restore our Earth, a wake-up call to save the Planet 

UNDP: Restore our Earth, a wake-up call to save the Planet 

This 8-week Miami University summer program is based in the capital, Pristina. Students attend classes in Journalism and International Studies, and intern at a news agency or NGO, 4 days a week, with 3-day weekends for exploring Southeastern Europe.