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Call for application for assembly aspirers (Girls and Women who plan to run for local government)

Feb 15, 2019

KosovaLive is in search of 10 girls and women that plan to run for local government (The party that they want to run for is not important), to participate in a Design-Thinking Workshop, in order to be trained for solving social problems.

The workshop is held within the framework of “Femsamble” project – The establishment of cooperation between perspective women assembly members in Kosovo, young journalists from Kosovo and the all girls educational and professional bureau GlobalGirl Medial Kosova. 

The program includes the training and preparation of women on the methodology of design thinking, to help women assembly members bring to public discourse matters relating to girls and women in society, with articles and videos produced by the girls and women themselves.

The “Femsamble” project aims to establish a direct link between women assembly members throughout Kosovo with young journalists in Kosovo and those of the GlobalGirl Media Kosova Girls’ Bureau, so to raise women’s issues in the public and media realm.

This project is part of the “Grass Roots Action Support – GRASS” project, financially supported by European Union, managed by European Union Kosovo Office, implemented by Kosovar Stability Initiative (IKS), Lens and Friedrich Ebert Stifung (FES).

The application link:




weEngage & weWrite

weEngage & weWrite

Teams of girls from all around Kosova in our “iEngage & iWrite” meeting. By discussing the topics they will be reporting on this month, within their greater theme of “Children’s Rights”, they are learning more about human rights, and the process they need to follow for correct, responsible and unbiased reporting.


Mental Fitness: Practical Steps for Resilience

Mental Fitness: Practical Steps for Resilience

Working in potentially traumatic situations is a routine reality for many journalists in the Western Balkans. You don’t have to be in an active war zone to find yourself interviewing vulnerable contributors or in threatening situations where physical violence is a possibility.