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“iEngage & iWrite” – Training

May 13, 2019

Professor Ferdije Zhushi, who is a lecturer at the Faculty Mathematics and Nature Sciences, Department of Biology – was invited at KosovaLive. She held a lecture for the participants of iEngage & iWrite project. She talked about the history of using natural resources, renewable energy, and the importance of environment protection.

Ben Dida, an agronomist by profession and consulant at Recura, was also invited. He spoke about the quality of agricultural lands in Kosovo and how productive they are.

As part of the iEngage & iWrite project, 20 girls and young women from all around the country, are writing articles and videos on the following topics: Deforestation, Water Pollution, Lack of Food and Land Cultivation, Circular Economy and about interventions that are being taken in Kosovo regarding air pollution.