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Live video (with animation elements) producer in Kosovo

Jun 9, 2021


Issue Date:  June 2, 2021
Proposal Due Date:  June 23, 2021
Anticipated Award Date: July 2021
Scope of Work: Production of live video with animation elements for online learning platform (Kosovo)

IREX, a Washington, DC-based nonprofit organization and implementing partner of the Learn to Discern program in Kosovo, funded by the U.S. Embassy in Pristina, requests information and preliminary proposals for video production services to assist with content for an online massive open online course (MOOC). Vendors must be able to produce fully live videos as well as live videos with animation features in English language. Very Verified is an online course developed by IREX in Ukraine (see, which uses live-action and animated videos, infographics, and other tools that feature country-specific examples to teach media literacy and critical information consumption skills in an engaging way.

Please review the Very Verified resource prior to preparing any proposals. The Kosovo version of this course will vary slightly in its structure and content; however, IREX intends for the videos produced to align closely (in terms of video quality, aesthetic, youth appeal, etc.) with those found in the existing course, linked above. Scripts will be developed and provided by IREX. The total number and length of videos to be purchased will depend on proposed pricing, scheduling, and the needs of the course, as determined by IREX.

The anticipated award will be a fixed unit price contract.

Proposal Requirements

Companies interested in providing this service must submit a proposal, including a breakdown of estimated costs and any additional fees, which demonstrates the company’s capacity to provide:

  • Production* of an anticipated 8-10 videos** of an average length of five minutes each. This will include:
    • Fully live-action videos (featuring one or two speakers)
    • Live-action videos with animation elements that may take up to 30% of total video duration – for example, animations showing Facebook or Instagram news feeds.
  • Two actor/presenters who will deliver the video content in English language.
  • Access to both indoor and outdoor venues for shooting footage. Please give examples of venues you can offer – e.g., outdoor parks, cafes, sidewalks, home interiors, office interiors, etc. Video venues should primarily be areas where people tend to meet with friends, family, or colleagues and where they might use their devices to access the news and internet.
  • Ability to insert graphical elements, such as key words being said by presenters or statistical representations or images.
  • Ability to work with video scripts in English language***.
  • Additionally, vendors should demonstrate their capacity to provide a high level of customer service.
  • A description of COVID-19 safety protocol for the above activities.

*“Production” refers to the pre-production, filming, animating, video/sound/overall editing, and post-production of all required items.
** Number and length of videos are subject to change.
*** IREX will provide all video scripts, lesson text, visual course branding elements. Those submitting a proposal need an adequate level of English language knowledge to work with English language instruction from IREX.


Budgets must contain a detailed breakdown of all costs, by individual line item, to determine cost reasonableness and competitiveness. Each line item should include a clear description and justification for inclusion, unit price, quantity (where relevant), and total cost. Calculations for any proposed personnel should include the monthly base salary and percentage of time devoted to the project per day/month.

IREX anticipates a maximum budget of 3,000 USD for this project. Proposals that meet all stated requirements at lower price points are preferred and will be scored accordingly. This figure does not necessarily represent a final figure and should not be interpreted as a commitment to award contracts of the size. Any selections resulting from this request for proposals will depend on offers presented, negotiations between IREX and the vendor, and the needs of the Learn to Discern project.

Proposal Submission

Proposals must include the following details, preferably in the form of a PDF document:

  • Details about the vendor’s capability to fulfill the scope of the project listed above.
  • The type of customer support, communication, and collaboration available for this project.
  • An itemized listing of your proposed pricing (see “Budget” above). State where there may be extra fees for either customization or extra services. Please include price breakdowns for the cost of 1 video, cost of 5 videos, and cost of 10 videos or more, including live-action videos and live-action videos with animation elements, and the cost of the engagement of 2 actors/presenters.
  • Any additional unique features or services that the vendor can offer not already described above or represented in the existing Very Verified course. If such features include cost implications, please provide pricing both with and without those features.
  • Proposals should also include a description of your organization’s background/history, a company portfolio, and references or links to previous and similar work.

If you are interested in furnishing this service, please e-mail a complete proposal, including all of the information listed above and a detailed budget, to and write in the subject: “Production of live-action and animated video.”

Proposals must be received no later than midnight on the closing date indicated above. Questions may also be directed to in advance of the proposal submission deadline. All proposals submitted must be valid for not less than ninety (90) calendar days from the proposal due date indicated above.

Proposal Evaluation

Proposals will be evaluated on the following criteria and weighting:

  1. Ability to produce both fully live videos and live-action videos with animated elements according to the described requirements (20%)
  2. Quality of production and animation style (20%)
  3. Cost, budget, and best value for IREX (20%)
  4. Flexibility for IREX collaboration and professionalism (20%)
  5. Past performance producing similar content, with experience in the Balkans preferred (20%)

Evaluation and ranking of proposals will be done by IREX in Washington, DC. IREX may at its discretion ask for additional information. In addition, the ability to pass IREX’s internal vetting procedures is a requirement of successful applicants.

Contract Awarding

After a vendor(s) has been selected, individual contracts will be signed for specific properties included in the vendor’s proposal. Contracts may also be awarded with or without further negotiation with the selected vendor(s). No payments under the terms of this award are guaranteed until contracts have been signed.


IREX reserves the right, based on the availability of funding and vendor performance, to enter into subsequent contractual agreements with the winning vendor(s) for a period of up to five years without issuing a new RFP.

Contact Information

1275 K Street, NW, Suite 600
Washington, DC 20005

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