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The first contingent of Pfizer vaccines, part of the contract signed between the Ministry of Health and Pfizer, arrived today

Jun 29, 2021

The first doses of Pfizer anti-COVID-19 vaccines, part of the contract between the Ministry of Health and Pfizer manufacturer, arrived today in Kosovo.

From the priority groups that have been vaccinated in the previous weeks, i.e. initially the health workers, age group over 65 years, on June 15th we have started with the implementation of the new mass vaccination plan, which expands the categories for vaccination of citizens with chronic diseases regardless of age, teachers, law enforcement officers and KSF members, directly involved in the management of the COVID-19pandemic.

With the arrival of the first doses, part of the contract signed between the Ministry of Health and Pfizer, mass vaccination will be extended to other categories of the population until the achievement of our target for active immunization of 60% of citizens within 2021.

These vaccines will help even more our health workers, who have been at the forefront of the battle against the COVID-19 pandemic since day one. Since the pandemic is not just a matter of public health, the Ministry of Health and health experts have given priority to mass vaccination, to ensure the normal functioning of social activities that enables returning of the citizens and businesses in Kosovo to social and economic normality.

Vaccination is being organized and implemented in accordance with the Vaccination Plan, i.e. with the schedule of vaccine distribution, the number of eligible citizens in priority groups according to the vaccination phases, and the logistical aspects of the cold chain, in accordance with the conditions of transport and storage of vaccines.

In addition to providing vaccines for all citizens, the priority of the Ministry of Health was also that vaccines, administered in the Republic of Kosovo, be the ones approved by the European EMA and US FDA, and thus anti-COVID-19 vaccines are a safe and most effective form of fighting the pandemic.

Nevertheless, even after securing them, we have to strictly observe the preventive measures, namely physical distance, wearing a mask, ventilation of enclosed spaces, and hand hygiene, which should continue to be maintained even after vaccination.

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Re-Establishment of the SDG Council in the Assembly of Kosovo

Re-Establishment of the SDG Council in the Assembly of Kosovo

Assembly of Kosovo, under the guidance of the Speaker of the House, has committed to re-initiate the establishment of the SDG Council in a ceremony which will emphasize the importance that all countries give to Agenda 2030, and that despite the setback from COVID-19, we should not lose sight of the Sustainable development Goals.