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WHO-UNICEF: HealthBuddy+ application for COVID-19

Dec 10, 2021

HealthBuddy+ app is an online interactive digital tool that provides access to up-to-date and evidence-based information on COVID-19 including vaccination. HealthBuddy+ is now available in Albanian and Serbian language thanks to the support of WHO Office in Pristina.

 The application is developed by WHO Regional office for Europe (WHO/Europe) and UNICEF Regional office for Europe and Central Asia (UNICEF ECARO) and is designed to support access to reliable information on COVID-19. The same application is available for all countries of the Europe and Central Asia region in their local languages.

HealthBuddy+ is available on the web and as a mobile application (on Apple and Google Play app stores) and has several features. On the web version, the user can interact with the chatbot to get the answers on COVID-19. 

Through the HealthBuddy+ mobile application, the users can: ask questions on COVID-19 on the chatbot and get instant verified answers; report rumors circulating in the community; and share opinions and experiences on COVID-19 response using the polls function. All the information available in HealthBuddy+ from the users is checked by team of experts from WHO and all the new information and evidence are regularly added to the bot based on the questions and inputs.

Find more information on HealthBuddy+, find the video below:

HealthBuddy+ Miku juaj personal per informacione rreth COVID-19. – YouTube  (English Subtitles)

HealthBuddy+ Miku juaj personal per informacione rreth COVID-19. – YouTube (Serbian Subtitles)

For more information on the app, contact:

Email: (WHO)

Email: (UNICEF)


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