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UNDP: 28 solar professionals ready for the green job market

Mar 28, 2023

Moving towards a green economy creates the need for upskilling and reskilling Kosovo’s labour force to the changing needs of the labour market. In efforts to accelerate green transition, UNDP organized a pilot course for young jobseekers to gain practical skills and knowledge in solar panel installation.

28 young individuals who went through this intensive, six-week training programme to become solar system installers received their certificates of completion. The ceremony took place in the presence of Ms. Maria Suokko, UNDP Kosovo Resident Representative, Mr. Keisuke YAMANAKA, Charge d’Affaires of the Embassy of Japan in Kosovo, Mr. Avni Syla, Managing Partner at Elen company that conducted the training.

The training programme provided additional skills and knowledge to the trainees from Vocational Training Centers (VTC), who had already completed an electricity installation course but were unable to find jobs. Some university students interested in internships and careers in the solar installation market also joined the programme.

Maria Suokko, Resident Representative of UNDP Kosovo, in her opening statement expressed her excitement for the newly certified professionals: “The transition towards renewable energy is not only essential for the health of our planet, but it also contributes to sustainable economic growth and people’s well-being. This solar installation training is the first of its kind. We count on your support in contributing to the green transition in your communities by raising awareness about the benefits of solar energy – and by installing high-quality solar systems,” said Ms. Suokko.

On this occasion, Mr. Keisuke YAMANAKA, Charge d’Affaires at the Embassy of Japan in Kosovo emphasized: “By providing training for solar installers, we are tackling two significant challenges – climate change and creating new job opportunities. The effects of climate change are becoming increasingly visible, as extreme weather events continue to disrupt our ways of life. The transition to a greener economy, thus, is an opportunity for a more resilient planet and green jobs”. 

Thanks to this training, the 28 newly certified solar installers now have the expertise to install, maintain, and repair solar energy systems. They are expected to play a critical role in Kosovo’s shift towards renewable energy and sustainable economic development.

Training Solar Installers activity is a pilot initiative, aiming to promote green recovery, sustainable economic development and energy transition, supported by the Climate Promise Project funded by the Government of Japan, and implemented by UNDP Kosovo.